Come and meet our chickens in our Woodland Walk & Bird Enclosure.

Calling all animal friends! Do you want to give our animals a little bit of extra love? Why not think about sponsoring our adorable chicks!

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  • A chicken is a domesticated bird. They are usually kept by humans for their meat and eggs
  • There are 24 billion chickens worldwide.
  • Most breeds of chickens can fly for short distances and some roost in trees if these are provided.
  • A male chicken is called a rooster or cockerel. A female chicken is called a hen. A young chicken is called a chick. Like other female birds, hens lay eggs which can hatch into chicks.
  • When raising chickens, a farmer needs to build a chicken coop (like a little house) for the chickens to roost (sleep) in. They also need a run or yard where they can exercise, take dust baths, eat, and drink. The chickens also need to be protected from predators such as foxes, which is often done with fences.
  • Chickens can also be farmed intensively. This lets farms make a lot of chicken meat, and eggs, but this is not as good for the chickens

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