Come along a meet our herd of cattle down at Newham Grange Farm.

Cow facts

  • Young cows are generally known as calves.
  • Adult females are generally called cows.
  • Adult males are generally called bulls.
  • Cattle means a group of calves, cows and bulls.
  • Cattle are herbivores that eat vegetation such as grass.
  • Cattle stomachs have four chambers which help break down what they eat
  • There are well over 1 billion cows in the world.
  • Cows are sacred in India.
  • There are an estimated 300 million cows in India.
  • Cattle are red/green colour blind.
  • In the sometimes controversial sport of bull fighting, bulls are angered by the movement of the cape rather than its red colour.
  • Cattle are farmed for a number of agricultural products including meat and dairy products.
  • Meat from adult cattle is known as beef.
  • Meat from calves is known as veal.
  • Cattle trained to be draft animals are known as oxen (ox).

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