Calling all animal friends! Do you want to give our animals a little bit of extra love? Why not think about sponsoring our donkey family!

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Donkey facts

  • Donkeys are the smallest member of the horse family.
  • A young donkey is a ‘Foal’.
  • A male donkey is known as a ‘Jack’ and a female a ‘Jenny’.
  • Donkeys can live up to 35 years! The oldest recorded donkey was 60 years old!
  • A donkeys favourite pastime is rolling!
  • Donkey are very strong and intelligent.
  • Donkeys do not like rain as their coats are not waterproof!

Our Donkey family is proudly sponsored by:

  • Heidi Grace Sutton
  • Oliver Landreth

Do you fancy sponsoring our Donkey family and getting your name added to this list? If so visit our sponsorship page to find out more.

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