Guinea pigs

Our guinea pigs are located in the Discovery Barn.

Calling all animal friends! Do you want to give our animals a little bit of extra love? Why not think about sponsoring our gorgeous guinea pigs!

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Guinea pig facts

  • A young guinea pig can run when it’s only 3 hours old!
  • Baby guinea pigs are called ‘Pups’.
  • Guinea pigs can live up to 7 years and longer! The worlds oldest recorded guinea pig was 14 years old!
  • On average guinea pigs can grow to be 10 inches long and weigh up to 3 pound!
  • Guinea pigs can’t sweat!
  • Guinea pigs are mammals which belong to the rodent family.
  • Guinea pigs have no tails!
  • A male guinea pig is a ‘Boar’ and a female is a ‘Sow’.
  • Guinea pigs can jump up and down when they are happy!
  • Guinea pigs are exceedingly good swimmers!

Our Guinea pig family is proudly sponsored by:

  • Nancy Smith

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